Your own on-line shop

On-line shops are now a serious option for companies of all sizes. Whether you are a sole trader, an S.M.E. or a large organisation, with our E-Commerce expertise we can design and build the ideal solution for you. Whether you are a “business to customer” company or a “business to business” company the opportunity still exists for you to take your products on line.

Having already supplied a number of our clients with E-Commerce, The Higgler Studio can provide the solution.

An ecommerce website is made up of a number of key parts, not least of which is the website itself. Whether the ecommerce shop is in addition to your website or, your whole website is in fact the shop there are a number of additional things that are required.

Internet Merchant Account

To be able to take online credit card payments, you will need to set up what is called an Internet Merchant Account. If you already have a card facility with your bank, for your company this should be relatively easy to set up.


Payment Gateway

This is an online method of collecting credit card details from your client that will then be passed onto your own Merchant Account.


Secure Certificate

These are what makes the taking of online payments secure and what gives confidence to your customer.

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