Helen Rollason Cancer Charity Support Centres reopen
Having temporarily closed our doors amid the coronavirus crisis, the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity Mid Essex Support Centre in Hatfield Peverel has now reopened!
Initially we will be offering 40 hours of reflexology per week to those living with cancer. Our West Essex Support Centre in Harlow has also opened offering 15 hours and 4 hours of reflexology per week. We have also restarted our services at our North Essex Support Centre at Colchester Hospital where we will be offering 20 reflexology sessions over a two week period.
As our Support Centres begin to reopen, visitors will be asked to sanitise their hands when they arrive and before they leave and will need to wear a face mask or covering during the duration of their visit. They will also need to follow social distancing guidance.
Karen Fox from Hatfield Peverel was one of the first clients to visit the Mid Essex Support Centre after reopening; "I was very lucky to have an amazing foot massage in a very safe environment this week. A lot of thought had been put into access into the building and I felt totally secure and safe. Such a special place and lovely to see it open. Thank you everyone for making it happen."

Solar Society Group
The Solar Society do not envisage starting their meetings again until January 2021 at the earliest.
A further update will be given in December.

Helen Rollason Cancer Charity plan to reopen Witham Charity Shop and appeal for volunteers
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity is looking to reopen their established Witham Charity Shop on Newland Street in Witham after closing in line with Government guidelines on the 23rd March.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic a number of their regular volunteers have been forced to retire, leaving the charity with a shortfall of help. Now the charity is appealing for people to give up their time and volunteer at the shop otherwise it will be unable to reopen as planned.
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity CEO Kate Alden said; “We are looking forward to being able to reopen our Witham Charity Shop as our shops are the absolute lifeblood of the charity. However we have sadly said goodbye to some of our regular volunteers and are therefore calling on the local community to help us.
If you can spare a few hours, have a good sense of humour and enjoy meeting new people, we would love to have your help with volunteering in our Witham charity shop. Our shops are a hive of activity, with donations to sort, and our excellent regular customers to serve. We are always receiving new donations so our shelves are regularly filled with fresh stock and different items.
I know that our regular customers in Witham have really missed popping into our shop for a browse and a chat; there is always a warm welcome waiting. However we can only reopen if we have enough volunteers to man the shop.”
For more information on volunteering please call Kate Alden on 07730 209442 or you can email her on

Social Distance Friendly Ride for Helen cycle event gets back in the saddle!
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity is delighted to announce that its annual cycle event Ride for Helen is taking place on Sunday 20th September 2020 for its seventh year!
After Covid-19 restrictions were put in place, this annual event had to be postponed in May but it is now back in the saddle. Social distancing measures have been put in place to ensure riders can take part with confidence and guidelines set out by British Cycling have been followed.
Cyclists from across the county and beyond will be meeting at Crix in Hatfield Peverel, Essex to take part in this fantastic, family-friendly event which offers a choice of four cycling routes to suit all capabilities. All ages and abilities are welcome to join in as individuals or as a team and included in the registration price is a fundraising pack, route maps, route signage, first aid support, mobile mechanic support and recovery, refreshments and a medal for finishers.
This year there are four circular routes through the beautiful Essex countryside with distances of 6 miles, 15 miles, 30 miles and 65 miles all starting and finishing at Hatfield Peverel.
6 miles - For the beginner or families with children, cycling on country lanes and roads around Hatfield Peverel.
15 miles - For the occasional cyclist looking for a pleasant ride passing through Church End, Rank's Green, and Fairstead.
30 miles - For the regular cyclist looking for a challenge, cycling on roads passing through Rank's Green, White Notley, Silver End, Kelvedon and Great Braxted.
65 miles - For the experienced adult cyclist looking for a challenging ride passing through Great Leighs, Felsted, Thaxted, Steeple Bumpstead, Finchingfield, Stisted, Black Notley and Fairstead.
All adult registrations for the 6 mile route qualify for TWO FREE CHILD places.
Cyclist numbers have been restricted so if you don't want to miss out book your place today at

Venturing out from “Lock Down”
As the Covid19 restrictions are eased and we cautiously emerge from the security of our homes whilst not wishing to alarm we do need to remember to secure our property once again.
Whether we are just going to the shops, going out for the day or perhaps taking that well deserved break make sure your home is secure and it looks like you are still there.
Just a few tips to remind you:
Ensure that windows, doors, outbuildings and gates are closed and locked correctly, make sure all tools are put away too. Remember with PVCu and similar doors – when locking Lift the handle, turn and remove the key. If you have a night latch and a mortice lock ensure that you lock both not just the night latch.
No keys outside in hidey holes please, the thief will find them no matter how well you think they are hidden.
Create the illusion of occupancy: A radio on, a chair that looks like you have just got up, book or magazine open with a pair of spectacles and a mug next to it, a vacuum cleaner with the lead trailing out of sight (not plugged in), the usual signs of habitation and don’t leave it too tidy.
Consider a doorbell that you can answer remotely on your smartphone. A lot of these you can add further CCTV cameras that you listen and speak through too.
Use automatic timer-switches to turn your lights on when it gets dark, also consider a “Fake TV” unit discretely hidden from view.
If you have an intruder alarm make sure that you set it before leaving and ensure that your neighbours know who the keyholders are.
Keys to other cars; put them away and in a “faraday bag” if you have a keyless car.
If you are away for a longer period:
Curtains open or curtains closed? – The worse thing is half open half closed, day or night the thief will know you are out. I go by the principle that some people do not close all curtains at night but most are open during the day especially in those “lived in” rooms. So as long as you have evidence visible that looks like you are in the house somewhere then it makes sense to leave them open.
Cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries, delay ordering online purchases before you go away or have them delivered to friends or family that are at home to hold until you return.
Use the Royal Mail's 'Keepsafe' service - they keep your mail for up to 2 months while you're away. Mail sitting on your doorstep is a sign that you are away.
Trusted neighbours may be able to help you by collecting your post, opening and closing curtains and they could park their car on your driveway.
Avoid discussing holiday plans on public social networking sites, watch what you are posting including photographs (they may be date stamped) while you are away too or you may find you are giving useful information that the burglar or fraudster may use.
Don’t forget the car when you leave it unattended:
Close the windows and lock it, verify it is looked by the sound, the flash of the lights or try the handle.
Leave nothing on show, remember to the thief even the empty bag or jacket is inviting, they don’t know what they may contain until your car has been damaged in the course of them breaking into your car.
Choose a safe place to park, with lots of visibility over it, if you can look for a “Parkmark” accredited car park .
Further advice can be found at or


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